Ryan Wittenburg - About Me

Ryan Wittenburg

I am originally from the Kingston, Ontario (Canada) area and currently living in the Ottawa region.
I am passionate about my family, the Habs, software and web development, video games and anything to do with electronics or technology. I'm currently employed at The Weather Network as Tech Lead, Web.

My Skills and Experience

I have been in professional software development for over 15 years. During those 15 years I have spent time learning many different technologies, languages and techniques to architect complete web based systems that have been used by small to large corporations and organizations.

Since 2012, I have been working for The Weather Network as a Tech Lead, Web where I help lead, develop and maintain one of Canada's largest and most active websites.

I learn many different programming languages quickly by utilizing free online resources without additional training.

My backend language experience is mainly (but not limited) with PHP. For the frontend my expertise is with HTML5, CSS and Javascript. I have the ability to architect large scale applications on almost any platform and if I don't know the platform I can learn very quickly. I have intermediate layout/design skills.

This Site

My goal is to be able to showcase my skills, knowledge and experience; but I also use the site to test new projects and technologies. The latest interation of the site is utlilizing KeystoneJS which is a CMS creation framework build on NodeJS.